Dispenser Napkins

Keeping dispenser napkins available at your foodservice establishment can help your customers to the items that they require in order to enjoy their meals without the mess. 

We have available Dispenser Napkins that can cater to your needs in your business. These dispenser napkins will absorb liquids and grease, allowing your guests to stay comfortable and clean while they eat.

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  • Shot of 2 pcs Tork 12889 Xpress Dispenser Napkin 2 Ply Recycled.

    Tork 12889 Xpress Dispenser Napkin 2 Ply Recycled 8000 Pack

    £98.52 Inc. VAT
    £82.10 Ex. VAT
    Tork 12889 Xpress Natural Dispenser Napkin 2 Ply are made of 100% recycled fibres, and a great choice to show your commitment to the environment. It is perfect to use for quick service food and drink restaurants, bars, pubs, and food kiosks. The system...
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    £98.52 Inc. VAT
    £82.10 Ex. VAT
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