Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic Gloves will be ideal for you if you are working in dangerous medical environments where you need to keep your hands protected from chemicals, such as laboratories and manufacturing plants.

We stock Synthetic Gloves that come in a variety of sizes. Various aspects of their design ensure that they will be able to effectively combat any infection risks. Their material consists of a synthetic emulsion PCV Polymer Resin material. They are latex free, making the gloves safe to use if you are prone to allergic reactions or hypersensitivity. They are also powder free, to make them suitable for use if your skin is highly sensitive. All these factors add up to make these Gloves an ideal solution for protecting you from any kinds of chemical or hand injury risks.

You can view our Synthetic Gloves in more detail down below.

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  • Hand wearing clear Synthetic Gloves

    Synthetic Gloves Powder Free Clear

    £2.76 Inc. VAT
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    These Powder Free Clear Synthetic Gloves are an ideal protective solution for workers in high-risk industries. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes are available with these gloves. A single pack of 100 gloves, or a 10pk of 100 gloves each, can be...
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    £2.76 Inc. VAT
    £2.30 Ex. VAT
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