Sterile Gloves

Our Sterile Gloves are ideal for you if you work in medical environments like catering areas and operating rooms, where infection risks are highest. 

We have both Sterile Latex Gloves and Sterile Vinyl Gloves in stock. They come in a range of sizes. Both Gloves will give you infection-free protection, due to these kinds of gloves being free from microorganisms.

Whereas the Latex Gloves will be best for you if you need Gloves with the highest degree of protection and durability possible, the Vinyl Gloves will work better if you need Gloves that can be more easily accessed for shorter periods of time. Whichever purchase you make, your Sterile Gloves will give your hands the infection-barrier that they need, to enable you to work safely.

You can view more information about both Sterile Gloves in the listings down below.

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