Our Oversleeves will function as an ideal protective solution for you if you work in environments like food processing, healthcare, and chemical labs, where a protective layer for your arm is needed.

The Oversleeves at our store are made out of a Polythene material that can fit arms of all sizes, to make them as easy to use as possible. They do not feature any elastic ties, which is a design choice made to further help the Oversleeves to fit food safety regulations. As well as protecting you from food, they are also waterproof, to protect from any liquids or spillages. We would also recommend pairing these Oversleeves with a suitable Glove, to ensure that your whole arm will be protected. 

You can find out more about our Oversleeves in the listing that is down below.

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  • Blue Oversleeves

    Blue Oversleeves 100 Pack

    £5.22 Inc. VAT
    £4.35 Ex. VAT
    These Blue Oversleeves offer caterers a simple and effective arm protector when handling food, and during wet tasks. Are made of a Polythene material No elastic ties can be found on its bundles, in accordance with other food safety regulations One size...
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    £5.22 Inc. VAT
    £4.35 Ex. VAT
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